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Yorkie Poos

Yorkshire-Terrier and Poodle mix can be ( CKC ) Continential Kennel Club registered they are referred to as hybrid dog, designer dogs but I refer to them as the ideal lap dog.

They can take the traits of both breeds and if bred carefully the best of both. Yorkie-Poos have very BIG Hearts they love everyone and get along Great with other animals. Yorkie-Poos are courageous and adaptable to all surroundings they love to travel and make Great pets for ALL homes, they are highly intelligent and brave. Due to their small size they require limited exercise, can live well in a house or an apartment and they just Love to be held and loved by you they are Lap dogs.

Yorkie-Poos are devoted companions, cuddly and angelic they are clever and a Fast learner great family dog. Very trainable due to higher intelligence in the breed. They excel at new tricks and are good with other animals. Their ears may stand like the Yorkie or lay down like the Poodle. They love their family very much and will have their feelings hurt if left out. They may be small but they are quite athletic they truley think that they are a big dog and even though they are small in stature they are quite fearless and generally make a excellent watch dog. Yorkie-Poos seem to thrive with a lot of mental stimulation. They are very versatile little dogs and can usually adapt nicely to most life styles

Yorkie-Poos hair will grow long like the Yorkshire-Terrier but have a wave in it like the Poodle SO if you allow it to it will grow long to the floor and be beautiful or you can keep it cut short for easier care. BUT LIKE THE POODLE AND BECAUSE OF THE POODLE THEY TO ARE NON-SHEDDING AND HYPOALLERGENIC,(which is wonderful). Also please read the Poodle, Yorkshire-Terrier and Pomarian pages to see what foods and products are TOXIC and can make your dog deathly sick and KILL them. Thanks for taking the time to read our pages and look at our BABIES and if you think that you may be interested in any of our BABIES Please give us a call or email us we usually keep a waiting list on most breeds and if we don't have what you need I'm sure we can help you find it. Have a GREAT day. I always tell people that with the Yorkie-Poo you get the best of both worlds. (864)-441-3500

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