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Thunderstorm Phobias

AKC ( American Kennel Club ) put out a new news letter today about Dogs that have thunderstorm Phobias

For many Dogs Thunderstorm Phobias are a BIG problem. Changes in the Barometric pressure, the loud crack of thunder, the sounds of wind and hard rain, and flashes of lightening can ALL cause fearful reactions. Panting, Pacing, Drooling, Quivering and trying to hide are some of the signs your Dog has developed a FEAR of STORMS. In some cases, dogs who have no issues with storms develop a fear later in life. There are some things you can do if your dog is Thunderstorm Phobic.

  • Maintain a cool and level head yourself. Use a cheerful voice. don't act afraid and DON'T baby the dog.

  • Even though you nay not like your dog drooling on you and shedding large amounts of hair from stress. DON'T show any signs of being upset with your dog.

  • Reduce the sound of the storm by turning on the television or radio and moving to a room that is quiet.

  • Try an activity that can distract your dog such as ball play or another favorite indoor activity. den like "

  • For many dogs who are afraid of storms, offering a safe " den like " place is a great solution. Cover the dogs crate with a sheet, or give your dog access to a room with no windows such as a bathroom.

       You can also use a CD thunderstorm noises to desensitize your dog to storm sounds. Finally, in extreme cases where the dog can actually get hurt, it may be necessary to talk to your Veterinarian about the possibility of medication.

       These are suggestions from AKC to help with your dogs storm phobias

       I have had several people ask me just in the last several weeks what they can do to help their dog through a storm


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