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Timer Tiny Dogs is Hosting Union, S.C. FIRST EVER AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Day Event Saturday September 24, 2011   at The Union county Stadium ( Fair grounds ) on Kirby Street from 11:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. This Event is open to Union County citizens as well as surrounding counties. So if you have a full-blooded (purebred), mixed breed, or you don't know what breed it is Just put them on a leash, BRING THEM ON OUT TO THE STADIUM and lets have a GREAT time. This event is OPEN to ALL BREEDS. And if you don't have a dog just come on out and have a GREAT time with us. We will have numerous stations which will include.


1. Dog Grooming and the importance of, Demonstrations for various breeds::  Maybe you have a breed that requires regular grooming but you can not afford to do that come learn how by the experts.


2.Humane society :: Maybe you or someone you know needs information on how to get your dog spayed or neutered and save money doing it.


3. Breed rescue::  Maybe you are looking for a certain breed through a rescue group, or you have one to turn into a rescue group


4.  AKC CAR Micro-chip ::  You may have a companion that you would like to get chipped so that if ever lost or stolen you will have a much better chance of being reunited with. This will be offered at a very good discount $25.00 it is a Pre-registered International chip with no other fees ever. There is a limited quantity so first come first serve.


5. Obedience ::  Would you like to learn the correct way to teach your dog a few commands? You may even decide to eventually take an obedience class or teach your dog all the commands yourself.


6. Breeder Referrel ::  Maybe there is a breed you would like to buy but just not sure who sells them locally. 




AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Day Event At the Union County fairgrounds    9-24-2011         We had a GREAT  Time

AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Day Event Day 9-24-2011           More pictures


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AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Day Event 9-24-2011                          We had a GREAT turnout and a WONDERFUL time!!!

AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Day Event 9-24-2011        WINNER !!!!!!!         of the female Yorkshire-Terrier BABY       is Dawn Hooper  from Union, S.C.


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