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poodles are water dogs!

Poodles are the National dog in France but originated in Germany and come in 3 varities

Standard- is over 15" tall at the shoulder

Miniature- over 10" tall at the shoulder but under 15"

Toy - 10" or under

Standard is the oldest of the 3, and Poodles are one of the oldest of all breeds.

Poodles appeared on the tombs of the Greek and the Romans as early as 30 A.D. and no other breed of dog has been pictured in art as often as the Poodle.

In the United States the Poodle was the most popular of all breeds of dogs from 1960 to 1983 and presently continues to rank in the top 10.

The Poodle club of America was founded in 1931 but the Toy Poodle was not recognized by the club until 1943.

The Poodle has SUPERIOR intelligence and exceptional learning ability, is elegant and has an air of distinction and dignity peculiar to himself, active and excels in obedience training.


Poodles come in a varitey of colors Black, White, Apricot, Grey, Blue, Cream, Silver, Brown, Cafe-au-laits

Black, Blue, Grey, Silver, Cream, and White- have Black nose, eye-rims, and lips Black or self colored toenails and very dark eyes.

Brown and Cafe-au-lait Poodles have liver colored noses, eye-rims, lips, dark toenails and dark amber eyes.

Apricot Poodles has Black noses, eye-rims, lips, toenails (preferred) but liver colored nose, eye-rims, lips and amber eyes are permitted.

Parti-colored Poodles are not recognized by AKC

Poodles are born entertainers, devoted companions a true part of the family they want to be with you and please you all the time, most dogs go their own way Poodles want your attention, they are excellent watch dogs and extremely loyal to the family.

one sex verses the other!

females are somewhat smaller than males BUT females that are not spayed come into season approximately every 6 months which can be a difficult time up to 3 weeks attracting loose males in the neighborhood. Males that are not neutered can be more aggresive ( than those that are ) and have more of a tendency to lift their leg at about 5-6 months of age BUT easier to train.

The Different Poodle Cuts!

Poodles under 12 months - has puppy clip

Poodles 12 months and older - can have English Saddle cut, Continental clip, Sporting clip

A Poodles clip (hair cut) is not merely decorative it is in FACT a necessary clip meant to protect the joints and vital organs in cold water because

The Poodle possesses wonderful swimming ability.


is low blood sugar and can incapacitate a 1 pound Toy Poodle BUT will swiftly recover if offered a teaspoon of honey or carob syrup.


  • Dogs love CHOCOLATE BUT CHOCOLATE KILLS DOGS any kind of candy, cookies, or dessert containing chocolate or cocoa is TOXIC to dogs.

  • Fertilizers and other lawn treatments are harmful to dogs be especially wary of ROSE FERTILIZERS which can kill a pup or grown dog. Mulch that contains coco hulls can also be harmful to dogs.

  • Antifreeze like chocolate is sweet and TOXIC to dogs keep it out of reach or in the trunk of your car somewhere they can not get to it.

  • Paints, Paint thinners, varnishes etc. can be harmful to your dog

  • I don't know about you but I love to clean with, mop with and the smell of PINE-SOL REMEMBER Pine-Sol is TOXIC to dogs also if you mop with it and they walk on the wet floor it soaks in their pads goes to the blood stream makes them deathly sick and WILL KILL them SO make sure the floor is completely dry before you allow them to walk on it at all.

  • Toilet bowl cleaners either don't use them or KEEP THE LID CLOSED all dogs have " TOILET SONAR " and discover that the WATER there is always COLD and unfortunately TOXIC.

  • Onions, Nuts, Grapes, Raisins are also TOXIC you will be amazed at how quickly your Poodle learns.

Everyone needs a Doggie First Aid Box !

  • Alcohol for cleaning wounds

  • Antibiotic salve for treating wounds ( Neosporin is a great one)

  • over the counter eye wash in case they get something in the eye

  • forceps for pulling out wood, ticks, thorns, burs

  • Rectal thermometer

  • nylon stocking to make a muzzle if pet ever gets hurt badly

  • Poodles are easy to train loyal and reliable not to mention glamorous, adaptable, courageous, agile and personable.


If you are worried about hair everywhere ( shedding) and or have Breathing problems ASTHMA, EMPHYSEMIA, COPD or ALLERGIES don't worry!

Poodles are non-shedding and hypo-allergenic as well as any breed crossed with a Poodle.

we hope that you have found this page to be informative.

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