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Pomarians are Toy breed

Pomarians derives from the family of dogs we know today as the German Spitzen

Pomarians are animated with a out going personality and make GREAT Companions!

In 1988 Queen Victoria fell in love with a Pomarian in Italy and brought it back to England influencing it's popularity dramatically.

The 1st Pomarian to be recorded by AKC was in 1888 but was recognized in America in 1900

In 1904 the American Pom club was started.

Pomarians are VERY INTELLIGENT and love to please because of their out-going temperaments, they are very good family dogs, because of their small size they don't require much exercise but DO NEED the ATTENTION of their people ( family ) frequently.

The Pomarain is an extrovert exhibiting GREAT INTELLIGENCE and a Vivacious spirit which makes them a competitive show dog as well as a Great companion, being devoted to their owners.

Their are 19 different colors of the Pomarian recognized by (AKC) American Kennel Club, some of which are White, Black, Gray, Fawn, Red, Blue, Chocolate, Brown, Beaver, Sable, Orange, and Parti-color.

The Pomarians diminutive size, docile temper and vivacious spirit plus sturdiness have made them GREAT PETS, COMPANIONS and EXCELLENT GUARD DOGS.

Because of their intelligence they are quick to learn, easily trained in obedience as well as HAPPY TO PLEASE.

males are generally smaller than females.

The Pomarians cute " FOXY " head and charming expression are set off by tiny pricked ears, their profusely coated tail is carried well over the back to create the illusion of a circle, their coat is doubled with soft fluffy undercoat and straight harsh textured outer coat standing off from the body.

Pomaranians do shed BUT if you keep their hair groomed ( COMBED ) good you pretty much do not have to worry about it.

Again have a GREAT DAY and Dan and I hope that you have found this page to be informative also and we know that when you find the right BABY for you, you and your family will have a true friend and companion for life and if you have a moment please go to the guest book and drop us a few lines we would love to hear from you. and remember keep a check on the CALENDER page for the arrival of any and all of our NEW BABIES Thanks. Beth & Dan

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