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Today is March 16th 2011 we are presently taking client information to get into a OBEDIENCE CLASS ( BOTH ) PUPPY STAR KINDERGARDEN AND ADULT OBEDIENCE if you are interested in getting into a class contact us via FaceBook, 864-441-3500, Contact Me, e-mail ( ) to get your name on the list of puppy or adult it may be several weeks before we actualy start the Class BUT GET YOUR NAME ON THE LIST ASAP Thank You Beth & Dan You will be GLAD you did imagine your dog obeying your every command HOW GREAT IS THAT HOW MUCH IS THAT WORTH TO YOU?????????? New class set to start Tuesday April 12th 2011 at Clemson Ext at 5:00 P.M. if interested in taking the class call 864-441-3500 Thank You Beth

Obedience classes!!!!!!! 2012

Get your name on the list for 2012 Obedience class !! Call Beth 864-441-3500

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