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Please check the NURSERY for new BABIES and the Calendar for  new DUE DATES for others thanks Beth

Bottom of page & Nursery.

Pictures    real   soon

new babies 2 litters we will post pictures in a few days of all the babies sorry we have gotten behind I have been sick. But we will catch up the pictures.


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  • "I am the proud owner of one of Beth's babies. My little Lucy is so wonderful. This little Yorkie has been the light of my life. When Lucy was bought home, she knew her name and ..."
    Julie McCormick
    happy new owner
  • "I am the proud owner of my sweet Bristol Jade aka Breezey!! She is the best dog I have every had!! She is my precious baby girl and I wouldn't trade her for the WORLD!! She is ..."
    Jessi Skinner

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