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We Now Offer Micro-chipping on ALL BABIES

We now offer prepaid Micro-chipping on all of our BABIES at the time of sell which is optional for an additional fee of $30.00 on our Poodles, Yorkie-Poos, and Pomarians and included in the price of our Yorkies. Since the forms are prepaid by us you will only need to fill it out and send it in that's it there is NO other charge. Micro-chipping your canine companion could make the difference in finding them if they are stolen, or run off and NEVER seeing them again it is soooo worth it so whether you get your BABY micro-chipped by us or someone else, or get it done as a BABY or an adult PLEASE just get it done it's a 24/7 service for the life of the pet for the one time fee of the $30.00 and Most of all assurance that if ever lost or separated 98% chance of being reunited for life and only takes about 4-5 minutes to fill out and the cost of a stamp to mail in you just can't beat that. We also offer the Pre-paid Micro-chip to the public at the same price EVEN IF THEY DID NOT GET THEIR DOG FROM US just give us a CALL !!!!!!!!

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