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Want to know how to CRATE TRAIN YOUR PUPPY/DOG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!                                              HERES HOW

Want to know how to crate train your dog/puppy here's how

A crate acts like a PRIVATE den for your dog a safe and secure place that he/she can go to anytime of the day. For you it's a safe secure place while you are away And can also be used to housebreak your Puppy/Dog.

If you do not place him/her in a crate they will not know what to do or how to act. therefore they become nervous and anxious and will take this nervous energy out on your rugs, plants, furniture etc.

He will do all those bad habits that dogs do when he/she do when their scared, or bored: Dig, bark. chew, destroy, attempt to escape, pace back and forth etc.

A dogs response to a crate will all depend on how you introduce them to it.

You want his crate to be his/her MOST FAVORITE PLACE IN the WHOLE WIDE WORLD. So make it a positive experience every time they go near it.

Your dogs first experience with a crate should be a positive one.

Once you bring them home introduce them to their crate have some dog treats and toys waiting inside with the door closed, walk them to the crate and they will see the goodies inside.

Once they are pawing at the crate open it up and say " yes good boy/girl " and let them walk inside.

DON'T close the crate door yet, just praise them for walking inside. When they exit the crate don't praise them. You don't want them to think that being outside the crate is better than being inside the crate.

Never force the dog inside the crate They will interpret that as punishment so if you need to toss in more dog treats. They may whine or bark and try to get out.

If they do this WAIT UNTIL they stop then open the door and let them out. If you Let them out WHILE THEY ARE STILL WHINING OR BARKING they will think that you are rewarding their BAD BEHAVIOR.

Then let them in again but this time for a SHORTER AMOUNT OF TIME.

Once the dog/puppy is comfortable with walking in and out of the crate, start adding the word "crate". Then, practice the command from farther distances and keep them in for longer periods of time.

For the first dew days of house training dogs using crate training, you should increase time by short increments, but NEVER over 30 minutes.

The only time they should be in a crate longer is when it is time to go to sleep.

Don't forget to make crate training FUN and something you and your puppy/dog can enjoy. Believe me it really HELPS.

Now I hope this has helped and that you soon have a dog/puppy THAT LOVES THEIR CRATE.

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