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House Breaking Puppy/Dog

We have always house broke our Babies to paper and indoor grass before they leave. It's something I do at birth, then by the time they can crawl/walk they go straight to the paper/grass. But I have had so many people tell me they bought a puppy from somebody and that person told them he/she was housebroke got the baby home and found out it WAS NOT. Then they call me and ask if they can pay me to housebreak their BABY. But my answer is no because waiting until a puppy is 6-8-10-12 weeks old is time consuming. And I prefer to start at birth. But I will tell you how to house train your puppy/dog and in the next section how to take your puppy/dog outside to use the bathroom. Lets get started.

Puppy- House -Training-- First of all when you first get your Baby home spend the first couple of days LOVING, PLAYING, CUDDLING with your Baby for that BOND between the two of you. Then start placing potty papers in several areas of your home ESPECIALLY in a ROOM YOU SPEND MOST OF YOUR TIME IN. Later you can reduce to 2-3 throughout your house make sure puppy/dog knows where ALL are located.

1. REMEMBER : --- They need to urinate 10-15 after each meal ( their Bladder can not hold much ) SO FEED THEM AT


2. Remember : --- They need to have a bowl movement 15-30 minutes after each meal.

3. Remember : --- They need to urinate after they wake up

4. Remember : --- They need to pee after you play with them, or after they have had a period of high activity.

5. Remember : --- They need to pee every 4-5 hours during the day and the night until they are a few months old.

REMEMBER THE SIGNAL Not the signal that you give your dog but rather the signal he/she gives YOU!!

A physical signal like scratching, sniffing, circling on the floor.

Put them on the paper or better yet when you see them go to the paper USE VERBAL CUE GOOD POTTY ( PRAISE IMMEDIATELY & GIVE THEM A TREAT ) do this each time then after a while you can phase out the treat and only use praise and affection. ( THEY WILL EAT IT UP ) All they want to do is MAKE YOU HAPPY. IF THEY Make a MISTAKE ( DO NOT EVER RUB THEIR FACE IN IT OR HOLLER AT THEM ) The only thing you will accomplish by doing that is MAKING THEM AFRAID OF YOU ) Understand your puppies needs and give it to them with kindness and praise.


AFTER A FEW GOOD results you can get a clicker --- after he/she potties on the paper click 1 time then treat & PRAISE

     They will SOON associate the SOUND OF THE CLICK with correct PEEING/POOPING in the right place ON THE PAPER then being treated for the correct action. THERE YOU GO BABY IS HOUSE-TRAINED

IF YOU CAN get the indoor grass most ALL dogs love it and it's kinda like a natural instint.

 JUST REMEMBER when you first bring your BABY home they're frightened. AND

Your puppy is in a new environment and has no idea what to expect.

It may be an exciting time for you but is a terrifying time for them.

This is the ideal time to begin the BOND OF TRUST.    

            And REMEMBER as hard as it may be TRY and LEAVE your BABY with it's BIRTH MOTHER for about 10-12 Weeks. YOU would be SURPRISED at the THINGS their MOTHERS TEACH THEM within that time.        


         Thank You so VERY much for taking your time to read this Beth & Dan Timer GOOD LUCK

How to train your PUPPY/DOG to go POTTY          OUTSIDE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I am a firm believer that you can teach your dog anything in 2 WEEKS with Time, Patience, Repetition with that said.

I do NOT Think you should take a ( PUPPY OUTSIDE ON THE GROUND until he/she has completed all puppy shots )

Take your Dog outside on a leash to the designated spot you have chosen in advance to Potty and use a a verbal cue Like go potty, pee pee, do you business etc. Soon as they do PRAISE and TREAT and then straight back in the house. Several times a Day every day for 2 weeks Then

In 2 weeks actually before 2 weeks is up they will lead you there, do their business and expect to go straight back inside but can then be allowed to walk around and or PLAY.

Put a BELL on the back of your door hung on a long string, once your dog has learned to go out, potty, back in. Then teach your dog to touch the bell with his nose and make it ring BUT soon as he rings it with his nose take him straight outside to Potty. When it is time to go out and potty again.

Have him/her ring bell with nose and then outside to Potty. AGAIN, AND AGAIN, AND AGAIN NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

Make sure you go outside as soon as he/she rings the bell with their nose OR ELSE you will have a dog that will ring the bell to play, to get your attention, to be fed just for the heck of it.

Now You should have a dog that is POTTY TRAINED to go OUTSIDE and that will RING A BELL ( so if you are in another room or upstairs or something ( YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO HEAR THE BELL ) To let you know that he/she has to go out to POTTY.

Some People say ( I want my dog to outside to POTTY ) BUT REMEMBER!!!!!!! ( YOU CANNOT BE HOME 24/7 )

Therefore they should know how and be able to ( USE THE PAPER AND INDOOR GRASS ) When you are NOT at HOME !!

Thank you so very much and I hope this will help you.            Beth & Dan Timer

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