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luis sotmayor

hey beth how are you doing a talk to my wife and she prefer a boy but if some one alse thats on you list has first picked and all you have is the girl then we will get her and let me know whats the prise. call me 329-5102


Louis even though we spoke on the phone I wanted to send the e-mail also to let you know I have put you on the waiting list for your preference of a male Yorkie-Poo BABY but consideration of female if that is what is available when your name comes up on the waiting list. we do appreciate more than you know what you said about not wanting a BABY from anyone other than us after already getting one of your own from us even though we were willing to refer you to other breeders. Again THANK YOU and we WILL get you a BABY ASAP. Thanks Beth & Dan

P.S If you don't mind and have the time we would like for you to go to the forum page and let us know a little something about the Yorkie-Poo BABY that you got from us and what you and your family think about him and we will post it on the Happy New Owners Page and if you can send a picture with it that would be GREAT again thanks so much Beh

Aunt Joyce

Hi Beth & Dan, I finally got my internet going, and could see all your babies. They are beautiful and you can tell you all really love them. I will keep checking in to see your new babies as they come along. Best wishes to you as you seek loving homes for each baby. We love you and are so proud of you and know you are happy in your work (although I know you do not consider it work). I know your mother would be proud of you too.

Love, Aunt Joyce

I'm glad it worked out and you got it going, I have been wanting you to check out the web-site and see all the BABIES so glad you were able to and you are right for me I never consider it work because I LOVE them ALL so much. Yesterday ( Monday ) we had a litter of Pomeranian BABIES born by C-Section we have 3 girls and 1 boy they are BEAUTIFUL and ALL are doing fine I hope to have their pictures on the web-site some time tomorrow thanks and check back whenever you can because we are expecting a litter of Yorkie-POO BABIES in the next few days the mother was x-rayed today and we have 3 for sure and the mother only weighs 3 1/4 pounds pregnant, So maybe any minute now ( I hope so I can't wait ) the father only weighs 2 lbs 5 ounces I'll talk to you soon Thank you, Love Beth

charlene griffin

Hi Beth, I wanted to thank you for having the time to speak to me. All of your dogs are beautiful. I was amazed at your website. All the information you have on here was very helpful. I really enjoyed the videos. Thank-you again. Charlene Griffin.

Hey Charlene,

I'm so glad you enjoyed the site I try to keep things up but some time it's just hard with everything going on. I haven't had a chance to put the Pomarian BABIES on there yet nor have I had the chance to E-Mail you those pictures I woke up this morning soooooooo sick I could hardly go but I will get it done again I am sorry but as soon as I start to feel better I will get it done yhanks again

Have a Good one Beth

Very nice site

Very nice site!



I hope you get this and I also wanted to tell you that Daddy has been pretty sick in the last few weeks, also Dan is having surgery tomorrow so I haven't had a chance to update the site and put all the Babies on yet with everything happening. But I will for sure ASAP so do call me when you can ok



Very nice site!

Beth says...

Hey Charlene,

We have NEW BABIES 4 female Yorkies and 2 males they are CKC and soooooooooooo tiny and Beautiful and we have another litter of AKC, CKC Yorkies due this Friday and they will be MICRO-TINY we had her x-rayed yesterday ( Monday ) and she has 4 for sure and I can't wait. The 4 girls in the first litter are already SOLD and they are only 5 days old today. And any of the males will make EXCELLENT studs since they are so tiny the father only weighs 2lb .5 ounces. OH and we bred Giggette 2 weeks ago Yorkie-Poo not sure yet if she took will know in a few weeks but her last Baby only weighed 14 ounces when it (female) was 5 months old so again I can't wait. I sure wish you could see these Babies that we have now they are BEAUTIFUL Alexus is the mother and Prience Valiant is the father. I sure hope your Baby is doing great as well as the family call me Soon I'd like to talk to you. Oh and I also have a female Yorkie-Poo she's Gorgeous Blk and gold and 2 people called today wanting her so you know me the more Babies the merryer I them ALL so very much. Great hearing from you Call me soon and have a good one



Hey Charlene,

I'm so glad you enjoyed the site I try to keep things up but some time it's just hard with everything going on. I haven't had a chance to put the Pomarian BABIES on there yet nor have I had the chance to E-Mail you those pictures I woke up this morning soooooooo sick I could hardly go but I will get it done again I am sorry but as soon as I start to feel better I will get it done yhanks again

Have a Good one Beth

Carrie Estock

Please keep me in mind for a Yorkie Poo. I want a gilr and for her to be more terrier looking. I would like her to be 5-6 pounds full grown. DId you find a home for Paris?

Carrie hey,

We do still have Paris she is so very sweet, she is the only one in this litter that had the markings of the Yorkshire-Terrier. We will breed 4-5 lb Yorkie-Poo again in December and and expect them in enf if Febuary or first of March but if you are interested in Paris or would like to be put on the list for the next litter just let me know I bred Giggette a few weeks ago but her last Baby only weighed 14 ounces when she was 5 months old so I know they will be extremly tiny. And right now all we have is full blooded Yorkshire-Terrier Babies not old enough to advertise them yet and they are very tiny, Also expecting a litter of AKC, CKC Yorkshire-Terrier Babies any moment and if we have any females in that litter hey will be to small to breed expect 3 lb grown. so just let me know when you can

Thank You,


Donna Matthews

Hello!! I am a breast cancer survivor,,,& your piece touched me so.....I am contemplating getting a new puppy....I was wondering if you could give me an idea of the well as the temperments of your dogs that you breed. I am 51 and a widow..and I want a tiny little baby companion....the tinier the better!! thanks....donna m.

Cheryl McKinney

Your babies are beautiful and I'm hoping to get one soon. I talk to someone today about your yorki-poos 01-13-2019 and hopefully by the weekend I will own one.

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Henry Lopez

Hi. I'm very interested in a yorshire terrier. If you have any available any time soon let m know. My email is and my phone number is 704-779-7251

Mr. Lopez

We do have a litter due any day now although we do usually keep a waiting list I will call you to see if you are interested in a male or a female thank you for your time and have a great day

Teresa M. Young

Good morning. I discovered your website from some friends at work. My mother lost her mother January 4th this year. She had taken care of her 24/7's for the past 4 or 5 years and at the same time my grandmother's body was shutting down my mother's sister's daughter so her niece,walked outside and passed out without warning. She never responded again and died two days later. This happened at my mom's house which left her feeling guilty. We didn't have a clue my cousin was even sick but she had an aneurysm to rupture in the head and it killed her. This has all been very traumatic for my mom and she constantly tells me how much she wants a puppy to keep her company. I was wondering if you could just tell me about how much the puppies sell for. I think I'm more interested in the yorkie or yorkie poo than any others. Sorry I got so long but wanted you to know the reason we want a puppy. If you have time please email me back and give me some information about the babies. Thank you very much for your time. Sincerely, Teresa


I am so glad that you and your mother came and she picked out a beautiful Baby for herself, I know with out a doubt that when the Baby is ready to go home with her he will be a Lot of company for her and she will enjoy him just as much, and give him a lot of love and I'm sure she can't wait till he's ready it was very nice meeting both of you your mom is a sweet lady thanks Beth

Brandi McCormick

Hey Beth, I was just checking in on our sweet little Maggie. I hope she is doing well. Congratulations on the new litter of babies also. We are so eager and excited about Maggie coming to live with us. Please let me know how she is coming along. Thanks, Brandi


Greetings Everybody, I'm not new to your site but I figured right now was as good as time as any to say whats up, so.. well hey there :)

Haley Sanford

I'm very happy with (Parris) my yorkie-poo. She is my heart and everything i have ever wanted.. i'm so lucky to have such a good baby like her.


GREAT Megan just let us know when your ready.


Great pics and nice website.


Beth yall have some absolutley gorgous babies and i cant wait to get a little girl of my own to spoil


I would like make more friends here & talk something interestings.


Hello. Very interesting site and you lead a very interesting discussion. There is a nice atmosphere here and I'm sure I will often read your posts.

From time to time I will also try to write something interesting.

Gry multiplaer Darmowe Gry

Vicki Cobb McCully

Love your website. Very informative. Pictures are precious !!! You can tell that you really love your dogs.

Gloria Neal

Can't wait till you get female yorkie poos. Keep me posted!!!!!

Tanisha Breton

I wanted to tell you your website was very informative and it provides a lot of useful information!!! I can tell you love your dogs and it shows. Great job!Very impressed by your site, references. My feeling is that you are very professional and know what you are doing.Tanisha Breton -Priceless Yorkie Puppy

Marion & Pam Bailey

We became the proud, adoptive parents of Peta, today!! 1-6-2011.She is a beautiful little Yorkie, sired by Prince Valiant & Precious (proud parents, Dan & Beth Timer).She will become an important part of our Family,officially, on 01-14-2011.Coincidentialy,one month to the day!!(02-14-2011, Vallentines Day!). .We are very thankful for the excellent care that she has received in the most critical, developemental stage of her life, with Dan & Beth.We look forward to,a long, lasting ,relationship with Peta,Dan & Beth!!. we,can hardly wait to get her homer!!

Thanks Guy's,



Janet Northern

I love your dogs...they are sooo precious!!!! beautiful!!!

pamela Gault

love the yorkie puppies

Angie Lillard

beautiful yorkie puppies


Awesome site yours faithfully Janean Hintergardt

Paula Ann Belue




charlene west

I love the pics and i am very interested in a puppy

Martha C. Vaughan

I have the harest time posting to you. I love your babies and wanted to tell what a great job you are doing


Love my Missie.She is the joy of my life and I thank the good Lord everyday for you guys and being able to love another Yorkie. After my precicous prissy died 3 years ago of cancer, ( she was with us 12 years), I could not bear the thought of getting another Yorkie because I missed her so much. But because of you guys and my dear, sweet husband getting me another Yorkie, Missie has helped me to overcome Prissy's death. she reminds me so much of Prissy that it is amazing at times, although she does have her own little personality! You guys are wonderfful caring people and we are proud to have you both of you as our friends!

Madelyn Kennedy

I read your strory about Angel and your Dad and was very touched. Many years ago, I moved to Wisconsin to help my parents out, both are deceased now. I am battleing Stage 3 breast cancer. I have just finished my treatments and pray everyday it doesn't come back. I am looking for a bundle of joy for myself. My mother had a sliver grey miniture poodle and a white toy poodle. My sisters go for the big dogs, labradoodles and rescue dogs. I am looking for a tiny dog, that can go with me where ever I go, I am looking for a friend and a companion and a little spunk!


I am the proud owner of a chihuahua yorkie mix called a chorkie. Her name is Sophie and she is my heart. Beth arrived just in time to make sure she survived when she was delivered. Thank you Beth.

Tami H.Newton

I will add pic.s of your/our babies.

Teresa Humphries

Enjoyed looking at your photos,you have beautiful dogs!

Kay. Littlejohn

Looking forward to adopting one of your babies!

Kris Henson

Hi there! Love all the pics of your babies, would like more information on giving a baby a loving home.

Tammie Lovelace

Beth I just looked at your pictures of your babies..They are all so very pretty. I see why you are so crazy about them. There is nothing like having a dog you love so much..I have ..good luck with all of them..

Tammie Ramsey Lovelace


You 'all do have some beautiful dogs.

Amy Erwin

Love the pictures of ur babies


So excited about getting my little teddy. This page helped me understand him better. Who knows maybe ill get another one after him. Tyler will kill


Hi Beth ! We are loving our " Lil Man Tykee Tikee Bug" ! Yeppers, Big man for such a little fella. ;)

Will be posting pictures soon,

Mitzi Farr-Rubright

Hi Beth and Dan. I so love your website. I will have to post some pictures of Lily Grace on here.:)

Sue Black

I looked at this site before, but didn't know how to get in touch. You have some beautiful dogs.

Stacie Coleman

Would like to be added to your waiting list. Would love a small puppy for my 6 yr old.

Tammy Trent

Beautiful babies

Angela Arnce

I totally Love You Beth!!!! AMAZING LADY !

Debbie Price

I am so happy to be on the list - waiting for a new furbaby!

Dana Rodgers

I have always wanted a tiny baby to love and spoil! Hopefully I can one day be able to get one from you:) Your baby's are precious!

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