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Hand crossed stitch hand Quilted Baby Generation Quilt sets


SORRY I THOUGHT I WAS OUT OF THIS ONE BUT I HAVE 1 MORE ( ONLY ) It is a hand crossed stitched hand Quilted Baby Generation Quilt set to be handed down from generation to generation set INCLUDES reversable Quilt about the size of acrib mattress or a little larger Extremly warm, 2 bibs, matching pillow and a stuffed animaltomatch the theme. So if you want to give a gift that will last for many, many years to come, and mean something and ( Be the talk of the baby Shower )  This is the gift for you and or your friends to give.  (  I can put the year the Baby was born on the top center )  I also name and number ALL of my Baby Quilts      0; Hand Crossed Stitched and  ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL !!!!!!!!!!!      ;    You won't go wrong with this gift.      Call Beth 864-441-3500

This SET is $300.00  and   (includes shipping )

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