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This is a new page lets try it  for new owners of our babies only

    thanks Beth

Quotes Tyler and I have truly been blessed to have our yorkie poo Teddy. We love him to pieces and he is truly a wonderful dog. Beth has been there for us the whole way and we appreciate it so much. Teddy has truly been a blessing to us both and look forward to getting another baby. Quotes

Quotes I have truly been blessed to find Beth because she gave Quotes

Quotes I am the proud owner of my sweet Bristol Jade aka Breezey!! She is the best dog I have every had!! She is my precious baby girl and I wouldn't trade her for the WORLD!! She is absolutely AMAZING with my boys (6,5, &2)!! She is the fourth and final piece to my heart!!! Thanks Beth!! I look forward to doing business with you again!!!! You are very welcome Jessi and anytime we can help you just give us a call Quotes
Jessi Skinner

Quotes i'm very happy with (Parris) my yorkie-poo. She is my heart and everything i have ever wanted.. i'm so lucky to have such a good baby like her Quotes

Quotes Yes I'm a Beth Freak 2!!! LOL. We are the proud owners of Linus thats how we spell it.... He was a Christmas present for my daughter. This precious yorkie-poo is amazing best puppy we have ever had only the 2nd pup to have in the home and by far the Best. He is THE BABY & most definately rules the roost around here! I still call Beth all the time she is like ask a Nurse!!!! Thanks for doing what you do & YOU ARE THE "BOMB" Quotes
April Griffith
Proud Mommy

Quotes thank you so much beth we love Mia shes wounderfull and very smart i dont think we could have choseen a more perfect dog shes beautfull and so small still i wanna thank you again and hope to breed her soon:) Quotes
pamela Ponzalez
thanks beth

Quotes I know this page says approved testimonials but I want everyone that has gotten a baby from us to write what they want to her about our babies good or bad I don't hide anything and I approve everything I wish there was a way I didn't have to approve or not that way everyone would know without a doubt that what our new owners think of their babies like I said good or bad is here although we have not had any bad responses from anyone but we expect all owners to be honest we do know we raise good dogs hope to hear from everyone Thank you all so much have a good one Beth thanks Julie I'm so glad Lucy has you for a mother can't wait to see her and Lilly Alexus (Yorkies) is due in about 2 weeks will be x-rayed in 1-1/2 hers are up to 4 lb grown and are always beautiful so tell your friend it wont be long they will be here and your grandchildren are Great we taking good care of Maggie she had 1st 5-way shot last week next week she'll have 2nd shot and nasal vaccination she's tiny,readysoon Quotes
any baby

Quotes I am the proud owner of one of Beth's babies. My little Lucy is so wonderful. This little Yorkie has been the light of my life. When Lucy was bought home, she knew her name and came with a bed, toys, food, clothes, puppy records, and everything you need to bring home a puppy. Beth even had in her records, (her first car ride. ) Lucy is one of the most loving dogs, and so playfull ,and full of personality. She is well behaved and has been nothing but joy for me. Beth is a great breeder and she will not allow her puppies to leave until she knows they are ready. Beth is one of the best breeders of puppies I have ever come in contact with. Her dogs are clean, not kept in kennels and all healthy. Beth knows her business.If you want the BEST PET get it from Beth.I have recommended Beth to everyone I know. We are now waiting on another one of Beth's babies to be an addition to my son's family. I cannot say enough good things about Beth and her kennel. we love you, Lucy&Julie Quotes
Julie McCormick
happy new owner

Quotes This is a new page lets try it Thanks Beth we just started it. some are on the new owner page although we try and use that page to take a picture of you and your Baby before you leave with it and with your permission put it on the new owner page. Quotes
This is a new page
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