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AKC STAR PUPPY Kindergarden Basic Obedience classes now being offered And AKC Approved TESTING for ANY BREED Call (864)-441-3500

Provides Socialization to people and other dogs in addition to being well socialized they will learn the skills that is the foundation for all other learning. Basic Obedience training and pre CGC Canine Good Citizen skills, and to teach owners about appropriate amount of excericse or ( activity) for their puppies. How to be a responsible dog owner, and is available to all dogs both mixed breed and pure bred old enough to have completed all Vaccinations upon completion will be listed in the AKC Puppy Star Records other incentives include a Beautiful Framable Certificate, a listing on AKC Star Puppy Database, AKC puppy handbook describes basics in raising a puppy, a discount to enroll in the Companion Animal Recovery Corporation and ongoing monthly newsletter your AKC. As well as ALL BASIC OBEDIENCE. This class is also open to people and animals with disabilities ALL are welcome. Class is once a week for 6 weeks cost is $150.00 with Star Puppy test given at the end of the 6 week training. So if you would like to get your puppy off to a Great Start in OBEDIENCE and he/she has completed all puppy vacinations and is 1 year old or less give us a call or e-mail and get signed up for the next available class you and your canine companion will be GLAD YOU DID. AKC APPROVED CGC EVALUATOR you will be provided with shirts dog in training and all materials

AKc CGC Evaluator

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