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Angel decided to take a nap TIRED OF PLAYING!  I love this song            Yorkie BABIES                                 break                                                                                                             

 Precious is a wonderful Mother she always watches over her BABIES.   

Waiting for NEW BABIES we have 2 birthing crates set up and ready for babies to arrive although we never crate our dogs or close the doors on them.     Also you see Angel here on her day at the lake on the Pontoon in one of her car seats she loved it. 

Here they are in the play pen with all some of their toys waiting for their Babies to be born they are due at the same time hope they don't go into labor at the same time I deliver all of them thank goodness I learned how to multi-task working at 911 and EMS gonna need it The Babies are here BORN April 1st 2011 1 male , 1 female Yorkie Very, Very Tiny and 1 males, 1 female Pomarian Babies also Very Tiny and all BEAUTIFUL!!!

Valiant loves everybody to.. And Pierre decided to stick his tongue out at me he and PJ just love each other so much

I told Dan not to take this one but this is me with a very few of our BABIES there is a whole lot more I hope to put up more pictures we have soooo many beautiful dogs each one has their own personality yet sweet as they can be.

They love us and I couldn't live without them so see you all later and have a good one check back soon for more recent pictures and for the new BABIES

recent pictures  Alexus loves to dress up also   Alexus and her glasses    then I think she was up to something maybe

 Mea and Kenya just got through with bath and grooming

  Precious is in Sweet Peas house checking on Sweet Peas Babies and Sweet Pea is in the kitchen taking a break they check on each others Babies all the time they are ALL Great Mothers! Precious had 2 Yorkie Babies and Sweet Pea had 2 Pomarian Babies they can be seen in the Nursery both litters were born April 1st 2011 and ALL are Beautiful and very tiny

Sweet Pea is a very Happy Mother. Prience Valiant decided since he just had his bath he would take a break (nap)   and Giggette don't want to comb her hair



Giggette is posing.  Pierre is thinking !           Bandit and Sweet Pea are waiting for someone to open the gate so they can come in the room    

Angel  also went to the Beach and loved that to.

more  of ours                                                                  This  FEMALE   IS   SOLD      AS    OF      8-13-11       CHECK THE FOR SALE PAGE !!!!!!!!!!!

                    Lacey LOVING her Daddy she is new to the family   We got her December 2010 almost here a year   she's BEAUTIFUL                           

Lacy and the Christmas Tree                              she loves to look at it !!!!!!!

Lacy is new to our family this year and she LOVES to look at the lights on the Christmas Tree so I came in and saw her starring at it snapped the shot, then called her name when she looked I got that one to she is so sweet, pretty and small. She seems to love it here and we are so glad.


They even like to ride the vacum cleaner, Mea is played out, while Sweet Pea and Precious continue to play.


Kenya did NOT want to take her picture.

More 2011

Christa on her Birthing Blanket and one of our new little guys looking in Little man Zuce

Still have more to bathe & groom  I'll get them

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Ours after bath time 2011

Giggette is looking in on a birthThen Kenya, Lacy, Alexus, Mea, Angel, Sweet Pea, Blue, Precious Bandit, Tuxie and Pierre are just glad to be done and I only have a few more to go.

More of ours



This is our Newest Baby He is a Tiny Toy Poodle he is Black and White Parti and he is BEAUTIFUL we are trying to figure out what his name is going to be   GOT  IT     Domino. He is a sweetie Pie


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Little girls in hog heaven !!!!!!!!!

My Uncle Harold LeMaster and his daughter Greta her husband and 2 beautiful daughters came over today to visit and while they were here the girls had the best time playing with all the BABIES it was so good to see them ALL again. I really enjoyed this time together They LOVED the BABIES.

Pictures of our BABIES taken 6-2-2011

Domino the Parti-Poodle and Little Man Zuce the Yorkshire-Terrier NOW  THEY are going to FATHER some beautiful BABIES before long.


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